Defend Texas Liberty Releases December GOP Voter Poll

WILLOW PARK, TX, January 5th, 2022—On Thursday, Defend Texas Liberty PAC released its December poll of statewide GOP primary voters. Conducted by CWS Research, the poll revealed a tightening of the presidential race, hardly any support for the rumored plan within the Texas Legislature to limit school choice to families in only large counties, while voters remained staunchly behind a school choice plan that includes rural Texans.

The poll also revealed strong GOP opposition to Matt Shaheen’s bill that he picked up from his Democrat colleagues to abolish confederate heroes day. Shaheen is a member of the Texas Freedom Caucus, but often pushes more liberal policies and is rumored to have shifted away from the Freedom Caucus with his plans to vote in favor of having Democrats chair committees in the legislature.

Texas Republican voters also registered strong support for requiring individuals to vote on paper ballots on election day (60%) and strong opposition to businesses being able to discriminate against unvaccinated employees and customers (83%).

Jonathan Stickland, president of Defend Texas Liberty PAC commented on the poll:

“Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis enjoy strong support from Texas GOP voters for two simple reasons: they’ve kept the promises they’ve made to voters and they’ve had the courage to combat the Left and their allies in the mainstream media. Texas is a Republican state and our voters want their lawmakers to fight for their policy priorities, not cede the narrative and fight to the radical Left.”

Stickland further added:

“If the Republicans in the Texas House want to be responsive to their voters they should require any candidate for speaker to support school choice for all Texas families and ask State Rep. Matt Shaheen to withdraw his legislation to cancel Confederate Heroes Day.”

Poll results may be viewed here.

Led by former State Rep. Jonathan Stickland, Defend Texas Liberty PAC is an organization that believes life begins at conception, there are only two genders, children should not be indoctrinated in public schools, the Second Amendment should never be infringed, property taxes must go down, the Texas Border must be secured, and we must stop giving illegal aliens taxpayer benefits. Defend Texas Liberty PAC carefully vets candidates across Texas and only supports actual conservatives who won’t back down from the fight.