Defend Texas Liberty Releases Poll Showing Donald Trump Beating Biden in Texas, Winning Hispanic Vote

WILLOW PARK, TX, April 27th, 2022—On Thursday, Defend Texas Liberty PAC released its April poll of statewide likely voters. Conducted by CWS Research, the poll shows President Donald Trump beating Biden with Texas voters in a head-to-head matchup and beating him with Texas Hispanics.

The poll also showed a strong break among Texas voters on the Biden administration continuing to send money to Ukraine. 75 percent of Republicans and 54 percent of Independents said they did not support future payments, but 66 percent of Democrat voters did. Democrats also broke with Republicans and Independents on the death penalty, sexually transitioning children, drag shows, and subsidizing illegal aliens.

The only issue all three groups of voters agreed on was tax incentives or subsidies to families with young or adopted children. 61 percent of voters said they believe the Texas Legislature should support such a measure (51% of Republicans, 61% of Independents, and 75% of Democrats.)

Jonathan Stickland, president of Defend Texas Liberty PAC commented on the poll:

“Texas is a conservative state and it is encouraging to see Texas Democrats’ efforts to turn Texas blue aren’t working. In fact, with actual conservative leadership we can win the support of Hispanics and ensure Texas remains Republican for years to come. We need more leaders like Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis who are willing to fight the battles necessary to save the nation and save our state.”

Stickland further added:

“Establishment Republicans and their crony allies have told us the way to win support from Hispanics and Independents is to moderate, but our poll shows the opposite is true. These voters want America First policies like stopping the flow of taxpayer dollars to Ukraine and culturally conservative policies from their elected officials from protecting Texas kids from sexually explicit drag shows to subsidizing illegal aliens.”

Poll results may be viewed here.

Led by former State Rep. Jonathan Stickland, Defend Texas Liberty PAC is an organization that believes life begins at conception, there are only two genders, children should not be indoctrinated in public schools, the Second Amendment should never be infringed, property taxes must go down, the Texas Border must be secured, and we must stop giving illegal aliens taxpayer benefits. Defend Texas Liberty PAC carefully vets candidates across Texas and only supports actual conservatives who won’t back down from the fight.