Defend Texas Liberty Releases Poll Showing Phelan Plummeting in His Own District

WILLOW PARK, TX, May 29th, 2023—On Tuesday, Defend Texas Liberty PAC released two polls conducted in Dade Phelan’s district this session. The first one was conducted in January and the second one was conducted last week.

In January, Dade Phelan enjoyed a 60% favorability rating among his Republican voters and 40% of voters were ready to support him over a more conservative alternative for re-election. The May poll reveals the legislative session has not been good for Dade. His favorability has fallen to 35% of GOP voters and only 24% of them are currently planning on voting to re-elect him over a more conservative alternative.

In January Phelan held a 6% ballot advantage, and today he’s 24% down. An unnamed conservative alternative gets double the ballot support that Phelan currently holds.

Jonathan Stickland, president of Defend Texas Liberty PAC commented on the poll:

“These polling numbers are devastating for Dade Phelan. He’s chosen to go to war with Republicans this session and it has clearly cost him with his voters. Every poll I’ve seen has shown similar problems for incumbent RINO Republicans. I’ve never seen a speaker as vulnerable as Dade Phelan is today.”

January poll results may be viewed here.

May poll results may be viewed here.

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