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Defend Texas Liberty Releases Final Attack Ad Against Liberal Rochelle Garza

“We aren’t slowing down until 7 PM on election night”

WILLOW PARK, TX November 2, 2022—On Wednesday, Defend Texas Liberty PAC released its final attack ad against Rochelle Garza. The ad will be placed digitally in a final push to ensure that radical Democrat Rochelle Garza was soundly defeated on election day.

The ad can be found here:

Jonathan Stickland, who leads the Defend Texas Liberty PAC, issued the following statement:

“Democrat Rochelle Garza is a clear and present danger to the lives and livelihoods of everyday Texans. Defend Texas Liberty PAC is committed to ensuring she is soundly defeated and we aren’t slowing down until 7 PM on election night. We must ensure that Republicans have as wide a margin of victory as possible to remove any excuse for not delivering true conservative policy. With many establishment Republicans continuing to stay on the sidelines on the most important races in our state, DTL has continued to step up more than ever. Onward!”

Led by former State Rep. Jonathan Stickland, Defend Texas Liberty PAC is an organization that believes life begins at conception, there are only two genders, children should not be indoctrinated in public schools, the Second Amendment should never be infringed, property taxes must go down, the Texas Border must be secured, and we must stop giving illegal aliens taxpayer benefits. Defend Texas Liberty PAC carefully vets candidates across Texas and only supports actual conservatives who won’t back down from the fight.